If you are a Christian, God has given you one or more spiritual gifts and discovering that gift or gifts will be a thrilling experience. A spiritual gift is an ability, skill, or talent God graciously gives each believer so that by using it they can help advance the work of the church on earth. The spiritual gifts are given by grace and are not based on our worthiness or personal abilities. 

When Christians don’t know their gifts or don’t use them, the growth of the church is hindered. It is like an orchestra trying to play a symphony without violins. Or like trying to cut grass with a lawn mower that has no wheels or make a cake without flour. You get the idea–the church is severely limited when only a few believers exercise their gifts. And so for this reason we desire each Christian to know their gift(s) and to use them to care, serve, bless, and build-up one another. 

Thousands of believers have been blessed by taking the Modified-Houts Questionnaire. However, do not see these results of this test as final. The three or four gifts you score highest in may or may not be your spiritual gifts, but you can be sure in any case that they are a starting point for prayer and experimentation. You will need other members of the body of Christ to help you confirm what gifts you have.

At the bottom of this page you will see a PDF available to download of the Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire (based off the Wagner-Modified-Houts inventory) which this digital survey is constructed from. It contains further helpful information including definitions & scripture references for each of the Spiritual Gifts. 

Prayerfully reflect on the following 125 statements and mark what applies best for you - Much, Some, Little, or Not at all. Once you have completed the questionnaire, hit the calculate results button to see your results along with definitions and supporting verses for your top gift totals.

Please save your results by copy/pasting the information into a word document or email.