This partnership between Westview Baptist Church and Canadian Baptist Ministries exists where Westview Baptist Church brings expertise, people and finances to work alongside CBM and the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR) on projects identified by the ministries and churches of the AEBR.

To support the work of CBM and AEBR in Rwanda.
To build the relationship between WBC and churches in Rwanda.
To meet needs in Rwanda.
To grow WBC in awareness of international issues.
To help WBC be involved in indigenous ministry in Canada.

Church Commitment
Program Commitment: Five years.
Financial Commitment: $20000/year.
Ministry/Relational Commitment: One SENT team per year. SENT Teams will have opportunity to engage in ministry and construction projects as approved by CBM’s International Partnerships Department. There may also be other opportunities for individuals/groups to engage in this way.

CBM Commitment
Educational support including print and digital resources on the partner country Priority SENT Team Facilitation
Participation by CBM Staff with your church missions team once per year by invitation Updates throughout the year on the projects you support
Priority scheduling for speakers from Rwanda when they are in Canada.

Financial Allocation (Annual)
1. Theological Education
2. Peace and Reconciliation
3. Gender and Family Ministries
4. CBM Africa Team Leader, Rev. Andre Sibomana
5. CBM Peace and Reconciliation Specialist, Rev. Gato Munyamasoko


You can give online anytime through by simply clicking the button below. Please select "MISSIONS FUND" from the dropdown menu.