Who We Are:

The Ministry Beyond Ourselves Committee is a ministry of Westview Baptist Church.  

Why We Exist:

This committee exists to connect our local church body with external mission agencies in order to work together for the redemption and restoration of the world. Our goal is to foster a global culture in which God’s distinctive people live God-shaped lives for the greater good of the world.  

What We Do:

The Ministry Beyond Ourselves Committee works to create a culture at Westview Baptist Church where mission beyond ourselves is central to church and congregational life.

The role of the Committee is to: 
• Educate the congregation (including the committee) about the theology and practice of biblical mission.
• Cultivate and develop strategic partnerships and relationships with mission agencies, local churches nationally and internationally, and local peoples.
• Challenge the congregation to be involved in mission through personal action and financial support.
• Inform the congregation about mission agencies and missionaries by helping them tell their stories.
• Pray and champion prayer
• Provide general oversight of missions for the congregation

Committee Members:
• Tyler Hagan – Pastoral Liasson
• Kim Pangracs  
• Barrett Hileman 
• Braden Swab 
• John Parris