Westview Baptist Church has revived its partnership work that we began with Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) and the Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda (AEBR) in 2019 prior to the covid pandemic. Westview sent a team to Rwanda in November 2023, and another team will follow in May 2024.

The purpose of the two teams is to continue to build relationships with the Rwandan people in the Bugesera region, to help us understand how best we can help with building physical assets and assisting in educating and mentoring pastors, educators, and leaders in the region. We have been asked to provide assistance in repairing a local church building so it can be used again for worship and meetings. As these relationships are built, there is much learning for the team members in understanding Rwanda, the people, and how they are working through achieving reconciliation after the horrific events of 1994.

We are excited to hold our 2nd Coffee Fundraiser in partnership with Rosso Coffee Roasters here in Calgary. We are offering individuals the opportunity to purchase 340g bags of freshly roasted Rwandan Coffee (whole-bean or ground) for $20 dollars. This coffee "GOLDEN HOUR" is directly sourced, through a relationship with Muharo Trading in the Nyabihu District of Rwanda. 

Our team will receive $8 dollars from the sale of each bag of coffee which will all go towards our group fundraising commitment.

How you can get involved!

You can get involved simply by clikcing the "ORDER HERE" button below. Every bag sold helps fund this partner visit and helps get our team get one step closer to being back in Rwanda. Thank you so much for being a part of this! We couldn't do it without you. 


If you would like to purchase coffee via cash and/or cheque you can connect with our church office for more assistance. Please call 403-239-1114, or email