While we understand that electronic & online giving may be normal to some, for others it’s still a new world to navigate. We have compiled this FAQ section to help you better understand PushPay and how their system works.

As of February 1st, we made the shift to a new giving platform called Tithe.ly. This is similar to our previous digital giving platform. Please read our FAQ'S below or download the document at the bottom of this page. 

 Q: What is Tithe.ly?
A: Tithe.ly is our chosen method for online giving at Westview Baptist Church. It has been built by ministry minded individuals and pastors to meet the specific needs of the Church. You can now give anytime from anywhere through our website or the Tithe.ly giving app. Tithe.ly is a reputable company that we have partnered with to add these new methods of giving.  

Q: Is Tithe.ly Safe? 
A: Yes. We do not store any credit card information on our servers. All financial information is encrypted and stored by their banking partner to PCI DSS Level 1 compliant standards. PCI DSS Level 1 compliance is a set of rules stated by credit card companies and audited by an independent third party. It is the highest possible rating one can get in the electronic payment processing industry. Additionally, Tithe.ly forces HTTPS for all transaction services using TLS.  

Q: Do I Have To Switch From My Old Giving Method? 
A: We are excited about Tithe.ly at Westview because it allows us to remove barriers to giving. However, we are not planning to eliminate our other methods of giving like offering envelopes or our giving time with offering plates in our services. However, we believe that using Tithe.ly is easier, more convenient, and gives you more control over your giving. If you would like to switch to using Tithe.ly we are happy to help you, just contact our office.

Q: Can you use the same email or mobile for multiple Tithe.ly accounts? 
A: No. Each giver using Tithe.ly must use a unique mobile number or email address.   

Q: Can I use Tithe.ly with my bank account? 
A: In Canada Tithe.ly currently works by using Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover. This means that when you make a one time or recurring gift using your Tithe.ly account it will come from the credit card that you provide a number for. If you bank with one of the major banks [Royal Bank, CIBC, TD, Scotia Bank] you can ask your bank for a VisaDebit card. This card functions as a Visa for online purchases but funds come from your bank account.  

Q: I want to set up automatic recurring giving. How do I do that?
A: You can easily do this through Tithe.ly. In your Tithe.ly account you have complete control over recurring giving when you setup an account. If you need any assistance with this please contact our church office.

Q: Other Questions? We are so grateful for the generosity of those who support the gospel work we do together. Your financial faithfulness is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions you can contact our office at 403-239-1114 or at info@westviewchurch.ca

You are always welcome to visit the Tithe.ly FAQ page as well: https://get.tithe.ly/faqs